Novus 35

Novus 35 is a superior performance aramid/ mineral fibre sheet sealing material bound with a high quality nitrile rubber.


Specifically designed for sealing split-case pumps handling high pressure water, Novus 35 is also suitable for general industrial applications where an asbestosfree sheet is desirable. Do NOT use gasket pastes.


For its intended service use Novus 35 is produced 0.4 mm thick. Higher thicknesses may be available on request.

Physical properties

Thickness ASTM F104 0.40mm
Density ASTM F104 1.77g/cm³
Compression ASTM F36 9%
Recovery ASTM F36 58%
Tensile ASTM F152 16MPa
Sealability ASTM F37 A CP-65 0.8ml/hr
Flexibility (12 x mandrel) ASTM F147 No Cracks


Tensile Loss ASTM F146 26%
Thickness Increase ASTM F146 4%
Flexibility (12 x mandrel) ASTM F146 No Cracks
Decomposition ASTM F146 No disintegration

Health and Safety

Because of the binding processes which take place during manufacture, the product is believed to present no health and safety hazard and, under normal handling and use it is unlikely that the product will give rise to significant levels of exposure to constituent materials.

Novus 35 is reinforced with glass and aramid fibres. Small amounts of crystalline silica may also be present in the filler material.

Under harsh mechanical treatment (e.g. high speed stamping operations or abrasion) or if the product has become embrittled by high temperature applications, the constituents may give rise to irritant dust which, in extreme cases of exposure, could lead to more serious respiratory problems. Occupational exposure to such dusts should therefore be minimised and kept below relevant national exposure limits. Flexitallic has adopted an in-house fibre Control Limit of 0.5 fibre per millilitre of air (8 hour TWA) for asbestos-free fibres which may be respirable. Good standards of hygiene should be applied during gasket cutting operations and off-cuts should be disposed of by transfer to a site appropriately licensed to accept industrial materials of this nature.

Although the reinforcing fibres and fillers are inherently flame resistant, at elevated temperatures or in a sustained fire, decomposition will occur and give rise to irritant and in some instances harmful or toxic fumes.

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