Klinger 3222W

High performance valve pump packing for high pressure, high temperature applications. Offering excellent sealing and operational reliability for both Original Equipment Manufacturers and plant users alike.

Klinger 3222W is suitable for use as a general valve and pump packing within many industries, such as:

Chemical Plant & Chemical Processing
Gas Plant
Petrochemical Plants
Power Stations
Steel Mills

K3222W is also recommended for cryogenic applications and those services which require low emission levels

Service Capabilities

Minimum operating Temperature: -200°C
Maximum operating temperature: 430°C
Maximum steam temperature: 650°C
pH: 0-14
Maximum static pressure: 300 bar

Note: The packing should not be subjected to the maximums of temperature, pressure and speed simultaneously

Forms of Supply

Size: 3mm to 25mm
Length: 8m per box
By weight: sizes under 9.5mm - 1kg/box
sizes 9.5mm to 12.5mm - 2kg/box
sizes over 12.5mm - 4kg/box

Alternative lengths and weights can be offered upon request

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