Maxigraph Corrugated Rings

Maxigraph consists of a corrugated metallic core encapsulated by a graphite coating. Excellent microsealing performance from the graphite is combined with the strength of the metallic core.

General Properties

Robust and easy to handle
Corrugations in the core develop high stress areas to produce a gasket with excellent leak-tightness at low bolt loads
Excellent chemical resistance
Resistant to high and low temperatures
Suitable for use in standard flanges and in vessel applications
Good gasket rigidity, even for narrow sealing widths
Maximum Temperature: 450°C
Graphite Purity: 98%


Standard core material: 316
Other core materials are available inlcuding:
Stainless steels 304, 904
Nickel alloys including Inconcels, Incoloys and Hastelloys
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