Koolshield Energy Saving Curtains

Koolshield™ Insulated Curtains

Koolshield™ Insulated Curtains are over 3 times more energy efficient than PVC strip curtains


  • Easy to install, quick hang system
  • Low maintenance - easily cleaned
  • 5-6 times longer life span than PVC strip curtains
  • Hygienic & easy to replace should damage occur
  • Food grade available on request
  • Temperature range: -25°C — +70°C

Koolshield™ Insulated Curtains offer a cost efficient alternative to pvc strip curtains, it's unique design creates a thermal barrier which gives unique insulation properties.

Koolshield™ Insulated Curtains are energy efficient & provide reduced wear on evaporator equipment, allowing optimum settings to be achieved far more quickly.

Koolshield™ Insulated Curtains provide a vapour barrier which in return reduces condensation, floor ice and all associated hazards are reduced.

Koolshield™ Insulated Curtains are available in standard widths of 300mm and be-spoke heights, all supplied with clear vision panel windows.

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Koolshield™ 25mm Insulated Curtain

utilize a patented insulation core offering superior performance

Koolshield™ 25mm Curtain Core
0.936 m²K/W (R-Value)
1.06 W/m²K (U-Value)
  • Fire Rating Class A / Class 1 - BS 467-4 (Flame retardant Din 75200)
  • Fungi Resistant ASTM C 1338 - promotes healthy living environment
  • Recycled non-toxic - safe to use in health sensitive areas



Koolshield™ 25mm Curtain (including window)
0.515 m²K/W (R-Value)
1.94 W/m²K (U-Value)
  • Koolshield™ curtains 3 times more efficient than PVC strip curtains
  • Based on standard opening 1000mm wide x 2200mm high
  • Payback in less than 24 months

Why Koolshield™?
Thermal Efficiency Improvement
Testing and Savings

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