Rubber Strip - Cut Rubber Strip - Wide Range of Sizes

Our Rubber strip is available in a variety of materials and cut to a wide range of widths. We have aimed to provide a guide for which rubber strip you need for your application here.

All our rubber strip is available both as plain or self-adhesive variants. Our most popular strips are Solid Neoprene Rubber Strip, EPDM, Black Natural Rubber Strip, Nitrile, Silicone and Polyurethane. Choose your width, length and rubber type, and please contact us if you do not see the width or length you require.

You can view more information on different types of rubber strip below, and we are available to advise you if you give us a ring. For specific standard dimensions click through on the links below to the individual Rubber Strip pages.

Solid Neoprene Rubber Strip

Solid Neoprene Rubber Strip is available in a huge range of widths and thicknesses and is generally supplied in 10m lengths, unless the client requests otherwise. We supply a standard strip and a Self -Adhesive Solid Neoprene Rubber Strip which has a peel off backing.

Our Neoprene Rubber Strip has a 65° Shore A hardness and is suitable for general purpose instances, is water resistant, oil, UV light and fuel resistant.

Temp. Range: -20°C to +90°C

Typical applications are light impact protection, seals, and edgings.

Solid Neoprene Rubber Strip Sizes

EPDM Rubber Strip

Our EDPM Rubber Strip (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is available as both a Standard Strip and a Self Adhesive Strip. EDPM has excellent elasticity and a wide temperature tolerance range ( -40°C to +130°C).

We provide a huge range of widths and thicknesses and generally supply the strip in 10m lengths. Our strip has a 60° Shore hardness.

EDPM has enhanced properties when compared with Natural rubber which lead to a wide range of applications. It is resistant to UV and ozone, which make it very suitable for outdoor applications.

Applications include automotive as a weather seal and to stop vibration, street lighting to protect electricals, heating and ventilation.

EDPM Rubber Strip Sizes

Black Natural Rubber Strip

Our Black Natural Rubber strip is manufactured from the highest quality materials and ingredients. It has a 50° Shore Hardness and can be supplied in a standard format or with a self-adhesive backing. We manufacture a very wide range of thicknesses and widths and generally supply in 10m lengths unless otherwise specified by the client.

Black Natural Rubber Strip has a smooth finish and a temperature range of -30°C to +70°C.

It has good abrasion resistant properties, great shock resistance, high tensile strength and a strong compression set.

Black Natural Rubber Strip Sizes

Nitrile Rubber Strip

We supply a range of Nitrile Rubber Strip which varies from 65° to 80° Shore Hardness. It is available as both plain and self-adhesive backed variants. We provide a huge range of widths and thicknesses and generally supply the strip in 10m lengths.

Our Nitrile Rubber Strip products are suitable for a very wide range of applications. They have quite a wide range of performance and we would advise you contact us to discuss your application.

They can often be used for high temperature situations ( -20°C to +110°C) and in contact with oils, greases and fats. Other applications include protection pads and dust seals.

Nitrile Strip has good resistance to water and dilute acids – ideal in applications where these properties are important,

Nitrile Rubber Strip Sizes

Silicone Rubber Strip

Our Silicone Rubber Strip has a 60° Shore A hardness and is suitable for general purpose applications. It is widely used throughout industry, notably in the pharmaceuticals industry and in other industry applications that require cleanliness. We provide a huge range of widths and thicknesses and generally supply the strip in 10m lengths.

The ability to withstand extremes of temperature is a stand-out quality of this material. Some grades of silicone stay operational at very high temperatures and remain flexible at very low temperatures ( -60 º to + 225º C).

Silicone Rubber Strip Sizes

Polyurethane Rubber Strip

Our Polyurethane Rubber Strip has a 50-90° Shore A hardness and is suitable for general purpose applications. We provide 1mm, 2mm and 3mm rubber strip in 10 meter lengths and 4mm, 5mm and 6mm strip in 4 meter lengths.

The operational Temperature Range is -40°C to +90°C.

It is a popular product as it has high abrasion resistance, good durability and excellent tensile strength. It is heavy load bearing, impact and corrosion resistant, and also resistant to ozone, oils and chemicals. It also has abrasive resistant qualities too. These features make Polyurethane Rubber Strip low maintenance and ideal for protection applications.

Polyurethane Rubber Strip Sizes


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