PVC Strip Curtains

Crystal Rubber offer a wide range of PVC Strip Curtains in many different grades and colours to suit your applications

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Unlike many other manufacturers we offer 24 hour delivery as standard.

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We are able to design and supply PVC strip curtains to suit your opening size and budget.

PVC Strip Curtains

Crystal Rubber offer a wide range of PVC Strip Curtains in many different grades and colours to suit your applications. Whether it be for personal use, freezer applications or heavy traffic applications, we have just the product for you.

We can supply in in full kit form (including hanging rails) to suit your size opening, or in roll and fixtures (supply only) form. As an extra option, we can also supply on a sliding track mechanism. Replacement strips can also be supplied either cut-to-size or roll format.

The PVC Strip curtains can be supplied with or without rails.

The made to measure range can be made to fit any opening and a has a huge range of heavy and light industrial applications, from warehouses to shops, kitchens, offices, factories, data centres, cleanrooms, nurseries and hospitals.

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The Benefits

Our PVC Strip Curtains come with a range of features and benefits, including:

  • Low cost and low maintenance
  • Simple to repair, hygienic and easy Clean
  • Excellent noise-reduction qualities
  • Installation is easy
  • Available in standard sizes or made to measure
  • Enable freedom of movement for foot or motorised traffic
  • Potential energy saving of 35-50%
  • effective barrier against insects and contaminants
  • Hands free access through openings
  • Enhanced temperature and air flow control


Crystal rubber can offer a full free of charge recycling service on all its flexible PVC (please call for details)

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Freezer Doorway PVC strip Curtains including rail

Unlike Standard PVC Strip Curtains, these are made from freezer grade PVC. This ensures that they remain flexible, even at low temperatures (minus 40degrees centigrade).

Using these curtains considerable energy savings can be achieved, with a reduction of energy costs by as much as 50%. These Freezer Grade PVC Strip Curtains allow exceptional control of the temperature within the environment, and they create an effective physical barrier. 

These Strip Curtains also provide a safer working environment as the good vision through them improves the visibility of pedestrians and vehicles, allowing vehicles to pass safely without compromising worker safety.

Other benefits are a reduction of noise levels between work areas, and the reduction of access for insects birds and other pests.

Like all our PVC Strip Curtains, these are easy to install and very low maintenance. Call us now on 01925 825552 for further details.

Internal Doorway PVC Strip Curtains including rail

These internal door PVC Strip Curtains are a very easy maintenance option, requiring a simple wash down with warm water whenever they appear to need it. They are not recommended for use on external doors as the reduced overlap of PVC Strip makes them tend blow about too much in windy conditions. We advise our external Strip Curtains on external entrances and exits.

PVC strip curtains are easy to maintain and keep clean, simply wipe down with warm water when they begin to look dirty. The strips are also easy to remove and replace with new ones.

These curtains do help to control noise pollution in your workplace, reducing noise levels between different working areas.  Industrial curtains can be installed to ensure you comply with the 2005 Control Regulations.

Other benefits are reduction the possibility of birds, insects and other pests entering the room and improved temperature control.

Heavy duty rails may be required where the curtains are in constant use by large vehicles. Please call us on 01925 825552 to discuss your Internal PVC Strip Curtain needs.

External Doorway PVC Strip Curtains

The main difference in design of our External Doorway Curtains compared to the Internal Doorway Curtains is that they have a much larger overlap on the strips. This is essential to improve resistance to rain, wind and snow.

Our External Doorway PVC Strip Curtains are extremely durable, and are suitable for virtually any external door application. They are manufactured to withstand the highest traffic volume environments, and are easily maintained. If stackers or forklifts are using the doors rather than road vehicles then we would recommend a sliding track system.

Other benefits are good savings in energy use and better temperature control, and prevention of contamination by all pests, insects, birds, litter etc. leading to better hygiene. Call us on 01925 825552 to discuss your External doorway PVC Strip Curtain needs.

Please call us on 01925 825552 to discuss your Internal PVC Strip Curtain and rubber strip needs.