Thermal Efficiency Improvement

The thermal efficiency of PVC strip curtains was always a little questionable as they always allowed the exchange of air and therefore heat but, as they are quite heavy, they quickly fell back into place. Even so, the loss of cold air was always there and the strips themselves still acted as heat exchangers. PVC is not a very good insulator and we know from experience that superior insulation is produced by a vacuum or layer of inert gas similar to double glazing. It was with this in mind that our designers came up with the revolutionary Koolshield structure that was a better insulator, lighter, longer lasting and even more cost efficient.

This revolutionary alternative to traditional PVC strip curtains gives you amazing performance combined with energy and carbon savings that are off the scale! You can be sure of at least five times the thermal efficiency allowing you massive savings in your energy consumption, you will see these designs in use in many modern cold rooms all over the world. They are light and flexible, easy to fit and exceptionally hygienic being so easy to clean, especially compare to PVC strip designs.

They are not prone to splitting, are incredibly easy to repair by your warehouse or factory staff, no special training is needed. The header design is highly energy efficient, totally unique in design and offers the best anti-bacterial performance so is ideal for food storage and processing and packaging installations, such as dairies, where these are crucial factors to consider.

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