CR540 - Broad Ribbed Rubber Matting

Ideally suited for walkways, tread mats, runners and general purpose industrial applications where a heavy duty mat is required.

Neat, attractive pattern
Easily cut to size & shape
High relief direction tread
Low maintenance
Non slip when wet

This matting is available in the following grades:

Economy Grade - with a shallow broad rib matting with a broad ribbed pattern design on one side and a cloth impression pattern on the reverse. Available in Black in 3mm,5mm and 6mm thick.

Premium Grade - with a deeper ribbed pattern on one side and a cloth impression on the reverse. Available in five thickness' in black: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 9.5mm and in colours grey, green, brown and blue at 5mm thickness only.

1 Ply Fabric Reinforced - Premium Grade Broad Ribbed Runner Matting is available in 10m x 1.8m Rolls in 6mm and 10mm Thick.

Cut lengths available to order, subject to minimum batch quantities.

Search Results:

Application Equine & Agriculture, General Purpose, Health & Safety
Product Anti Slip, Equestrian, Runner Matting, Safety Matting
Thickness 3mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 9.5mm
Resistance to Call us for details
Colour Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey
Insert Req. No
Solid Yes
Drainage Holes No

Technical Data:

Stock Roll Sizes
[mm x mm x m]
Weight [kg/M²] Specifications Compound Values
Economy Grade   Colour: Black/colours
10m x 1.2m x 3.0mm 3.75 Compound: SBR/NR
10m x 1.2m x 5.0mm 6.25 Hardness [Shore A]: 70°
10m x 1.2m x 6.0mm 7.50  Density [SG]: 1.5
Premium Grade   Tensile strength [MPA]: 3.0
10m x 1.0m x 4.0mm 5.0 Elongation [min]: 150%
10m x 1.2m x 4.0mm 5.0 Abrasion Resistance [mm³]: 300
10m x 1.0m x 5.0mm 6.25 Minimum temperature: -20°C
10m x 1.2m x 5.0mm 6.25 Maximum temperature: +70°C
10m x 1.0m x 6.0mm 7.5    
10m x 1.2m x 6.0mm 7.5    
10m x 1.2m x 8.0mm 10.0    
10m x 1.2m x 9.5mm 11.85    
10m x 1.2m x 5.0mm 5.9    
1 Ply Fabric Reinforced      
10m x 1.8m x 6.0mm 7.5    
10m x 1.8m x 10.0mm 12.5    
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