EPDM Rubber Sheet

Crystal Rubber are specialists in the manufacture and supply of EPDM rubber sheeting and matting products. Whether it be industrial or domestic we are sure we have the right product to meet all of your requirements.

When supplied in roll form our EPDM Rubber sheeting is ideal for cutting into smaller sheets, gaskets or strips using standard rubber cutting equipment. We hold a wide range of cut EPDM sheet in stock in the dimensions shown on the product pages listed below:

CR145 Rubber Sheet

Black Medium Commercial Grade EPDM Rubber 60° shore

Black High Elongation Grade EPDM Rubber 45° shore

Black Premium Soft Grade EPDM Rubber 50° shore

Black 100% Medium Grade EPDM Rubber 60° shore

White FDA Approved EPDM Rubber 60° shore

Black EPDM UL94-VO Flame Retardant Sheet 60° shore

CR177 - Black WRAS Approved EPDM
70° shore for use with HOT & COLD water up to 70°C

Black Non Reinforced Diaphragm 100% Premium Grade EPDM 60° shore


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What is EPDM Rubber?

Developed in the 1960’s by Dupont, 'EPDM' stands for "ethylene propylene diene monomer" rubber, an extremely versatile synthetic rubber which has proved useful in many diverse applications.


Properties of EPDM Rubber Sheet

  • Resistant to extremes of weather
  • Resistant to ozone and phosphate esters
  • Good resistance to acids and oxidizing chemicals
  • Good resistance to alkalines
  • Has good hydrophobic qualities
  • Has significant heat ageing stability
  • Has moderate insulating capability
  • Excellent durability

Uses of EPDM Rubber

EPDM rubber sheet is often used for its water resistant qualities.
It can be found in roofing membranes, gaskets, seals, geo-membranes, electrical cable joints and protective pads.
EPDM rubber is widely used in the automotive industry. The entire transport system of the country benefits from EPDM's weather protection, longevity and resistance to UV light .



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