Fly Screen Mesh

Black Glass Fibre Yarn Fabric

Quality CG2297B120
Width 1200mm & 1800mm rolls
Length 30 Metres
Appearance Woven fabric
Properties Black coloured/slight solvent odour
Chemical Composition Glass yarn composition consisting principally of oxides of Silicon, Aluminium, Calcium, Boron and Magnesium fused in an amorphous vitreous tate. The PVC weave-lock consists of a fast curing plastisol diluted with white spirit with colour added.
Specification 18 x 14 Gauge
7.0 Ends Per Cm
5.2 Picks Per Cm
116 G.S.M.
395N/50mm Warp Tensile
2.4% Elongation
336N Weft Tensile
2.7% Elongation
Aperture Size Warp Way 1.66mm
Weft Way 1.47mm
Diagonal 2.00mm
Thread diameter (min) 0.3mm
Free/open area 65.9%
Fire Hazard Although the Glass Fibre yarn content is non -burning, the PVC coating may give off noxious fumes if caught up in a fire.
Storage In a cool dry place, avoid extremes in temperature

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