PVC Strip

Crystal Rubber stock a wide range of PVC door strip. Our door strip is available in standard & polar grades and also comes in flat or ribbed versions. The ribbed version being even more scratch resistant and durable than the standard door strip, so great for high traffic areas.

PVC strip has many advantages over rubber strip, and our Polar grade is particularly useful where a lower temperature strip is required as it reduces sticking in the curtain strips. ( - 40 deg ) As can be seen our PVC door strip is available in a variety of different colours and thicknesses as well as the standard transparent.
Features and benefits of our door strip:

  • Perfect for vehicle and pedestrian doorways
  • Provides noise suppression qualities in factory situations / good thermal qualities
  • Great for cold/freezer rooms
  • Contains the spread of dirt and dust
  • All our PVC strip is UV stable and non-toxic. Its use is ideal in food environments.

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Clear PVC Strip

Low Temperature PVC Strip

Super Polar PVC Strip

Ribbed PVC Strip

Low Temperature Ribbed PVC Strip

Coloured Ribbed PVC Strip

Red PVC Strip

Black PVC Strip

Blue PVC Strip

Orange PVC Strip

Translucent Blue PVC Strip

Anti-Static PVC Strip

Reinforced PVC Strip

Perforated PVC Strip

Yellow Anti-Insect PVC Strip

Green Welding PVC Strip (EN 1598)

Bronze Welding PVC Strip (EN 1598)

Red Welding PVC Strip (EN 1598)

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