Plastic Rod

U-PVC Products

U-PVC is rated Self-Extinguishing and has an exceptional chemical resistance with high mechanical and tensile strength. This together with a high degree of stability makes this easily weldable product one of the most versatile plastics on the market.

U-PVC Rod - Extruded - Grey

U-PVC Rod - Extruded - Black

U-PVC Rod - Extruded - Red

Polypropylene Products

Polypropylene can be used in a variety of industrial and display applications. It features outstanding characteristics including ease of fabrication and high continuous operating temperatures, as well as excellent mechanical, physical and anti-corrosive properties.

PPH Rod - Extruded - Natural

PPH Rod - Extruded - Beige

Polyethylene Products

Polyethylene, which is stocked in a variety of grades, covers a wide range of uses from cutting boards to high wear conveyor machinery applications. Typical properties include its low coefficient of friction, temperature range and outstanding impact strength. It also has an excellent resistance to abrasion.

PE300 Rod - Extruded - Natural

PE300 Rod - Extruded - Black

Engineering Products

Our range of engineering products covers the popular grades of acetal, nylon and PET, through to high performance products such as PVDF. This ever-increasing stock profile is developing continually to suit customer demand.

Nylon 6 Rod - Extruded - Natural

Nylon 6 Rod - Extruded - Black

Nylon 6.6 Rod - Extruded - Natural

Nylon 6.6 Rod - Extruded - Black

Nylon 12 Rod - Extruded - Natural

Nylon 12 Rod - Extruded - Black

Nylon 6 Rod - Cast - Natural

Nylon 6 Rod - Cast - Green Oil-Filled

Acetal Co-Polymer Rod - Extruded - Natural

Acetal Co-Polymer Rod - Extruded - Black

Acetal Co-Polymer Rod - Extruded - Blue Food Grade

PET Rod - Extruded - Natural

PET Rod - Extruded - Black

PVDF Rod - Extruded - Natural

PEEK Rod - Extruded - Natural

ABS Rod - Extruded - Natural

Polycarbonate Rod - Extruded - Transparent

Acrylic Rod - Extruded - Clear


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