Klinger 40

An exceptional packing combining carbon and Inconel® to produce a product for sealing valve glands in high pressure and high temperature applications.

Klinger 40 is suitable for use as a general valve and pump packing within many industries, such as:

Petrochemical Plants
Chemical Processing
Power Stations
Steel Mills
Boiler Houses

Service Capabilities

Minimum operating Temperature: -100°C
Maximum operating temperature: 430°C
Maximum steam temperature: 650°C
pH: 0-14
Maximum static pressure: 200 bar
Maximum Speed: 1.5 m/s

Forms of Supply

Size: 3mm to 25mm
Length: 8m per box
By weight: sizes under 9.5mm - 1kg/box
sizes 9.5mm to 12.5mm - 2kg/box
sizes over 12.5mm - 4kg/box

Alternative lengths and weights can be offered upon request

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